Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DEAR GOD - meaningfulsongforme :)

a lonely road cross another cold state line ,
miles away from those i LOVE ,
purpose hard to find .
while i recall all the words u spoke to me ,
can't help but wish dat i was there ,
back where i love to be ,
oh yeahh .

the only thing i ask of u ,
is to HOLD her when im not around ,
when i much too far away .
we all need that person who can be TRUE to u ,
but i LEFT her when i FOUND her ,
n now i wish to STAY . .
coz im LONELY , im TIRED , i MISSING u again ,
oh nooo ,

theres nothing here for me on this barren road ,
theres no one here while the city sleep ,
n all da shop are close ,
can't help but think , 
all the times i had wif u ,
will hve to help me through . .

well , some search , never finding a away ,
before long they waste away ,
i FOUND u , 
something told me to STAY ,
i gave in , 
to selfish way ,
how i MISS sumone to HOLD ,
when HOPES begin to FADE . . .

sumone gve me this songg , n i really cant forget dat person . really meaningful for me . .

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